1. What is Brides, The Label?

Brides, The Label is a wedding outfits online rental platform based in Singapore that brings you the best and hassle-free online shopping experience, where you can browse through the finest bridal collections for your wedding day.

Why should I rent?

Since the entire process is online, you no longer have to make countless trips to bridal boutiques to find the perfect wedding outfit. Brides, The Label saves you time, money and still make you look exquisite with quality wedding dresses and suits on your wedding day!

2. Why should I buy/ rent from Brides The Label?

Since the entire process is online, you no longer have to make countless trips to bridal boutiques to find the perfect wedding outfit. Brides The Label saves you time, money and still make you look exquisite with quality wedding dresses and suits on your wedding day!

3. How do I find the perfect wedding dress/ suit?

Use our search filters to help you narrow down your choices by requirements.

(eg. style and body type)

4. How do I determine my measurement?

There is an International Sizing Guide and Stylist Guide available for each outfit to help you find the right fit! We recommend having someone help you take measurements. Measurements should be taken in the undergarments you plan to wear under your outfit. Make sure to keep the measuring tape comfortably loose, like you’d want your dress or suit to fit.

5. How do I purchase the wedding dress/ suit?

Purchases can be made by contacting us personally and indicate the name of the outfit,
as we offer one try on session before sales confirmation.
One time alteration service will also be inclusive in the purchase package with a final fitting.

6. When should I make reservation for the wedding dress/ suit?

Reservations are advised be made up to 6 months in advance.
For purchases, please provide at least 1 month time allowances for outfit alternation.
For rental, please schedule your collection order to 2 days before your event.

7. How should I make reservation for the wedding dress/ suit?

Reservation is by first book first serve basis.

Reservation of the outfit can be made with “Book Now” button. Upon check out, the outfit will be reserved for your rental during your selected period. (eg  pick up date to return date + allowance time determined internally to turn over the outfit)

If you like to try on the outfits first, you are advised to schedule the try on appointment as soon to proceed to the actual reservation.

8. How do I collect and return the wedding dress/suit?

Upon checking out, arrange the appointment to pick up your dress on the 1st day of rental at our pop-up store by appointment before 3pm.
A refundable security deposit of $500/ per outfit shall be made upon collection.
Return of the dress shall be made to our pop-up store on the last day of rental by appointment latest by 3pm.

9. What if I return the outfits late?

Any lateness shall be penalized at $100/day per outfit and will be charged to your credit/debit card

10. What if the wedding dress/ suit I ordered doesn’t fit?

Do check with the ‘Size and measurements’ tab for your sizing-, we make specific measurements just so customers can find the right fit.

There will be a fit on session during the dress collection.
 If it doesn’t fit, you may have the option of having alterations done.

11. Can you alter the wedding dress/ suit for me? / Can I alter the dress/ suit on my own?

Yes, we do provide alteration services.
Alternation services are inclusive in the purchase package with no additional costs.
However, the rental of the product does not include alteration services.
Minor alterations can be done on the day of the collection.
For more complex alterations, you may pick the outfit the next day.
Alteration fees shall be incurred according to the complexity of the alterations from $10 to $120 per outfit.

Kindly refrain from altering any of our outfits on your own.

12. What if I accidentally stain or damage the wedding dress/ suit?

Cleaning of the outfit is included. We understand that a little stain may be inevitable.
In the event that the outfit is damaged/badly stained, we will assess the damage and inform you of the additional charges needed to repair the outfit.
Should the outfit be damaged beyond repair or lost, you will be required to make payment equivalent to the full retail price of the dress. Always return the outfit if it is not lost, regardless of the condition it is in!
This way, we will be able to determine if the outfit can be repaired at a lower cost for you than the full retail price.

13. What if my rental ends on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday?

The outfit shall be dropped off on the following working day by appointment during working hours latest by 12 noon.

14.. What happens if my desired rental period does not fall in either the standard or extended rental period specified?

We have two standard rental periods specified as follows:

Standard Rental Period:  4 days only

Extended Rental Period:  8 days only

Kindly note that any additional rental days will be extended  in the block of our specified standard rental period.

e.g If you have rented a wedding dress for 8 days period initially and wish to extend the rental period later on, you may choose your option to extend for another 4 days period or 8 days period.

The minimum rental period is 4 days. There is no customization for lesser days.

For customers looking to rent their outfits more than 8 days, contact our friendly staff through our email and we will be pleased to assist you.

15. Can I get a refund on the Try on fees?

The try on fees is charged by per outfit and per time trying.
The first try on fees will be refunded upon successful booking of the outfit after trying.

You will also get a refund on the first try on fees, should the outfit is no longer available before you try on the outfit.

16. Can I get a refund on my order?

Cancellations of Contract for rental of outfits within 3 days from the booking date can be issued a refund. This refund is inclusive of rental price excluding the miscellaneous administrative fees of S$30.
Otherwise, there is strictly no refunds.

There is no refund for Cancellations of Contract to try on the outfits.

There is no refund for Cancellations of Contract for product purchases.

18. What is the currency used and payment method does Brides The Label accept?

All prices stated are in Singapore Dollars.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

19. Can I order the wedding dress/ suit from countries outside Singapore?

At the present time we only accept orders within Singapore. If you fall in love with our outfit, feel free to contact us for purchases and shipping arrangement.