Bridal Dresses to match your personality (and also, your zodiac sign)

Dressing up is something we do every day. The clothes we wear tell our own personal story; they portray to the world how we think and feel. Clothes work best when they are in harmony with the person. This is especially true for special occasions such as your wedding day. Finding the right bridal dresses or style for special occasions that match your personality just makes it extra special.

We have taken the liberty to name 5 personality types that match your zodiac sign which in turn, influences your bridal fashion style.


Hone your penchant for polished yet unfussy style and gravitate towards clean, feminine silhouettes. Though fashion is always evolving, feminine styles mainly include simple yet sophisticated pieces such as classic bridal dresses, floral printed designs and tailored silhouettes. This subtle style restraint results in a signature lady-like look for demure brides.

Simply sophisticated; loves comfortable pieces with a twist.

bridal dress



Detail-oriented & ladylike; knows how to work the strong points like a lady.

wedding dress



Polished & unfussy; timeless with hints of femininity.

colored gown



Greys, blacks and navy are staples in an elegant-styled wardrobe. Some of the classic pieces include lace, long and sleek bridal dresses that exude an air of charm and sophistication. You can easily create a seamless look taking elegance from your white to a coloured gown.


Master of classics; oozing confidence with every step.

wedding dress


Classic with an edge; appreciates timeless pieces.

bridal dresses



Oozing charisma, a fashion style that is quite enigmatic might work its magic for this personality type. You’re a sophisticated classy dame with an eye for clean lines and a timeless, classic appeal. Being highly imaginative, you would rock elegant pieces such as mid-length bridal dresses or perhaps an asymmetrical designer dress.


Subtly sexy yet whimsical; a free spirit at heart.


Poised and polished; a refined sense of style.

bridal dresses



For the passionate go-getter, you take a walk on the wild side when it comes to your style. Be bold and experiment with prints, lacework that is intense to show off your strong personality. It’s about shining the spotlight on you; own your personal style with strong colours and statement bridal dresses.


Experimental and rebellious; not one to shy away from bold colours and prints.

bridal dresses


Bold and stylish; not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

bridal dresses


Fashion risk-taker; loves to switch it up.



Lastly, for the more mysterious ones, you bring your enigmatic nature into your fashion style. Having an uncanny knack to be put together always, your fashion sense is sure to turn heads a few times over. Go for bold designs, off-the-beaten-track pieces to show your fiery, creative zest for life.


Fiery & exuberant; always up for a style challenge.


Charming & streamlined; master of perfection 24/7.

mermaid gown

Although we provide you with a guide to dressing for your big day to match your personalities, there is no said rule about it.
These useful guidelines are to help you choose the right bridal gowns.
Be creative and imaginative to curate your own bridal style.

Stay work and never miss out in our latest blog post and bridal styling tips!

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