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The Idea Behind An Online Platform

We’ve noticed the trend of brides taking extra time off work spending hours after hours tirelessly making visits to bridal shops after bridal shops and we wondered, how can we help? What does the modern-day bride want most? Time, more time.

For contemporary brides constantly moving about or have jam-packed schedules, Brides The Label is the First Online Bridal Gown Super Store in Singapore launched on 9th August 2017 in celebration with Singapore’s National day to provide this new alternative bridal gown online shopping experience and your saving grace.

Making it simple and a joy, brides in search of buying or renting bridal gowns for their wedding day can browse through the finest collections at ease without needing to drop by bridal shops. How neat is that?

For brides who are not ready for this revolutionary transformation from offline to online, fret not because you still have the option to drop by our pop-up store and have a trial session. Just head over to our FAQs section to learn how.

What Can You Unravel At Brides The Label?

Having a strong appreciation for design aesthetics, every gown design and groom’s suit in the online gown catalogs have been specially selected before being in our collections.

The wide array of premium fabric designer gowns is brimming with opulent, sophisticated and versatile designs, giving every bride the freedom to exude their own unique sense of style.  

To be deemed as a power couple, grooms are offered a combination of modern, clean and sleek cut suits to look dashing beside his alluring princess bride.

Raves About Brides The Label

Brides The Label has been featured on one of the interesting lifestyle social media platforms for the everyday articles that share the latest trends and news in Singapore, Goodyfeed.

about brides the label

Brides The Label has also been raved by the first bridal magazine every bride-to-be picks up. Her World Brides introduced Brides The Label as the absolute new wedding guide for brides shopping online.

about Brides The Label

Now that you know a little more about us, it’s time to begin searching for your dream gown or perfect suit!

Fastest fingers first 😉

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